Intra Systems is proud to present: Intra Line

Intra Line can port your current telephone numbers to our servers and program these either directly into your telephone system (system capabilities dependant) or they can be programmed into an analog adapter which gets installed and connected to your existing phone system. We can also provide new numbers with nationwide area codes as well as toll free numbers.

By using Intra Line as your telephone line provider not only do you save money, but you receive a much higher quality of service than you do with the large main carriers. See our FAQ’s below for more information.


What is Intra Line?

Intra Line is a SIP Trunk provider. This means we provide your telephone numbers over the internet so your numbers can be deployed anywhere in the world. 

Why should I port to Intra Line?

Intra Line uses carrier graded servers but don’t have the overhead costs that the large carriers do. This means we provide the same quality of lines, but for a cheaper cost to you. Plus, because we have decades of experience maintaining Legacy Digital phone systems, as well as VoIP systems, we have ensured our lines are compatible with them all.

Will I loose service?

No. Once the port submission has been made, we are able to provide an accurate date of when your numbers will become active with Intra Line. We can then arrange to be on site on that date and install the lines on site. Or if we already remotely manage your system, you won’t even be able to tell when the cutover happens.

Can you provide new numbers?

Yes, Intra Line has access to hundreds of numbers, both local and nationwide. We can also provide 800 numbers. Please contact us for further help.